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Operation and Maintenance of photovoltaic, thermal solar and air conditioning systems

The operation and maintenance of photovoltaic, thermal solar and air conditioning systems, represents an asset very important to keep in mind.

CertySol provides the most complete O&M services on the market, from an exclusively technical and economic performance .

In Certysol, we are experts in the operation and maintenance of solar and air conditioning systems.

Operating and maintaining a power generation or air conditioning system is essential to take care its useful life, guarantee optimal operation and avoid costly repairs to its components.

We rely on a coordinated set of actions aimed at programming and monitoring the proper functioning of your system.


What isO&M?
How do we make it?

Our highly trained team is in charge of regularly monitor and maintain your systems . We carry out periodic inspections, we verify the state of panels, inverters, electrical components, filters and air conditioning systems. We make any necessary adjustments or repairs. In addition, we carry out a constant monitoring to detect any abnormalities and take preventive measures in a timely manner.


In addition to regular maintenance, we also offer solar panel cleaning services to ensure optimum performance. We remove any accumulation of dust, dirt or debris that may affect efficiency of electrical and thermal generation, air conditioning systems ventilation.

optimal maintenance

Optimum performance: Our Operation and Maintenance service ensures that your photovoltaic, solar thermal and Airco systems are operating at peak performance at all times. This means a constant generation of renewable energy and an optimal return on your investment.

​​Longer lifespan: By keeping your solar and air conditioning installations in optimal conditions, we help to prolong their useful life. This means that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your solar and/or air conditioning system for many years without surprises.

Cost reduction: Regular and adequate maintenance of your systems helps prevent failures and costly breakdowns. By detecting and solving problems in a timely manner, we avoid interruptions in the generation of energy & air conditioning, and the associated expenses  without major repairs.


In Certysol, we have achieved numerous success stories in the Operation and Maintenance of photovoltaic, thermal and air conditioning systems. Our team of experts has worked with a wide variety of clients, from residential owners to developments or large commercial and industrial facilities. Our personalized attention,fast answer and proactive approach have allowed us to guarantee the efficiency and reliability of the executed systems,generating significant savings and environmental benefits.

Types of maintenance

We offer an Operation and Maintenance services for all kinds of photovoltaic, solar thermal and air conditioning installations including:

  1. Residential systems: We maintain and operate PV, thermal and air conditioning systems installed in single-family homes and residential buildings, ensuring efficient and continuous operation.

  2. Trade systems:We provide operation and maintenance services for systems of commercial facilities and offices. We guarantee constant power generation, efficient air conditioning and a safe return on investment.

      Types of maintenance:

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Corrective maintenance

  • In use maintenance

  • Overhaul maintenance

In Certysol, we understand the importance of proper maintenance to ensure optimal performance of renewable energy and HVAC systems. Our operation and maintenance services cover from continuous monitoring and surveillance to troubleshooting, guaranteeing that your facilities are in optimal operating conditions at all times.

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