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EV Charger

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Recharging electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles

Having a charging point for your electric car is a strategic good hard to match. 

CertySol gives you different types of turnkey charging points , adapted to the needs of your electric mobility.

There are a wide variety of brands and models on the market today, from basic charging points to fully automatic charging points, connected to the internet for monitoring and control through your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

At CertySol we have a wide variety of equipment adapting the recharging energy to the contracted power of your electrical installation, as well as to the technical characteristics of your photovoltaic installation.

What charging point do I need??
How do we make it?

Carrying out a personalized electrical study depending on the characteristics of your installation, demand for electric mobility and desired benefits,we define your ideal charging point, install it and carry out the start-up of the equipment.

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to have a charging point

​Own electric recharge

By having an electric or plug-in hybrid car, you will no longer have to go to any recharging point far from your home, business or company, you will have your own electric gas station.

Savings in mobility costs

 Fossil fuel prices have been escalating steadily in recent years and today represent a very high cost of mobility compared to electricity costs. Savings are guaranteed.

Help the environment

The electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle is practically free of greenhouse gas emissions in its mobility. By having a charging point, you contribute to significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


At Certysol, we have carried out numerous successful charging point projects in a wide variety of sectors, from private residences to public parking lots, bringing electric charging to our customers where they need it most. 

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Types of  
charging points

Single-phase charging points: These charging points are very practical as they can be installed in all types of homes and car parks.

Three-phase charging points: Indicated for three-phase installations where there is a power greater than  10 kW, these equipments have a higher charging capacity in less time. Semi-public or public parking lots are their usual place.

Bidirectional charging points: The two-way charging points allow both the recharging of the batteries of your electric car as well as the use of these batteries as a backup to your home, premises or business. Versatility is its greatest value.

At Certysol, we are committed to promoting sustainable mobility and providing you with reliable and efficient solutions for charging electric vehicles. Contact us today and find out how we can help you transition to a cleaner, more sustainable form of transportation!

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