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Photovoltaic Installations

Transforming Solar Energy into Renewable Electricity

One of our main services is the turkney installation of photovoltaic systems. With the rise of solar energy, we offer personalized solutions
to make the most of solar radiation and convert it into clean and renewable electricity.


Either for homes, businesses or industries, our experts design and install high-quality photovoltaic systems, guaranteeing efficient and reliable energy generation, given architectural integration as well.

In Certysol, we are experts in the design and installation of photovoltaic systems, an innovative solution that uses solar energy and converted it into clean, renewable electricity.


These systems are made up of photovoltaic modules that capture solar radiation and convert it into electricity that can be used to feed homes, businesses or industries.

What is a Photovoltaic Installation?
How do we make it?

Our approach is based on offering customized solutions and of superior quality. we start analyzing your specific energy needs and evaluating the solar potential of your location. Then, our engineers design a customized photovoltaic system that maximizes efficiency, energy yield and architectural integration.

Once the design is complete,our team of installers handles turnkey installation. We use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced installation techniques to ensure a quality and efficient implementation. Besides,we take care of all the necessary procedures and permits, making sure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

of photovoltaic installations

  1. Renewable and clean energy: By using the energy of the sun, photovoltaic installations reduce dependence on fossil fuels and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, helping to combat climate change.

  2. Savings in energy costs: Generating your own electricity from solar energy allows you to significantly reduce energy costs in the long run. In addition, in some cases, it is possible to sell the excess energy generated to the electricity grid, generating additional income.

  3. Reliability and durability: Photovoltaic systems are designed to be highly reliable and durable. It will require little maintenance and have a long lifespan, ensuring a constant supply of power for many years.


At Certysol, we have carried out numerous successful projects for photovoltaic installations in a variety of sectors. From private residences to industrial complexes, we have helped our clients maximize their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. Our personalized approach and commitment to quality have enabled us to achieve outstanding results on every project we undertake.

Installation types

  1. Rooftop installations: We take advantage of the available spaces on the roofs of residential, commercial and industrial buildings to install solar panels and generate renewable electricity efficiently.

  2. Above ground installations: In areas where sufficient land is available, we carry out above-ground photovoltaic installations, using suitable support structures to support the solar panels. This option is especially beneficial in cases where rooftop space is limited.

  3. Installations connected to the grid: Photovoltaic installations connected to the electrical network, or self-consumption installations, constitute a very popular concept since it uses the grid as a backup. These systems make it possible to take advantage of solar energy for own consumption, and in the event of generating a surplus, it can be poured into the grid, obtaining financial compensation or energy credits.

  4. Hybrid installations with or without batteries.

  5. Off-grid facilities: Special for consumption where there is no electricity grid.

At Certysol, we are committed to providing high-quality photovoltaic installations, with high architectural integration, adapted to the specific needs of each client. Our personalized approach, technical expertise and commitment to excellence distinguish us as a leader in the renewable energy industry. Trust us to transform solar energy into a reliable and sustainable source of electricity.

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