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Engineering and industrial design

Engineering and design for the industry of the 21st century

In Certysol, we are proud to offer Engineering and Industrial Design services that adapt to your needs and help you achieve success in your EPC industrial projects.Our customer-focused approach, combined with our technical expertise and commitment to innovation, makes us the ideal partner for boost quality and competitiveness in your engineering projects. Trust us to take your projects to a higher level.

Our team of engineers and industrial draftsmen are in charge of designing several types of industrial projects, related to energy and water treatment.


we carry out basic and detailed engineering, as built, calculation of metallic and concrete structures, stress analysis and vibrations in pipes (gas & oil pipelines and aqueducts), designing and calculation of pressure vessels (ASME VIII,Integraph PV Elite) and storage tanks, among other types of projects, always under international standards.

Which engineering services we offer?
How we make it?

In Certysol, we have a team of highly qualified engineers and industrial draftsmen, who use specific software and technological tools to prepare exclusive documentation for the project´s technical requirements.We work closely with you, understanding your objectives and challenges.

Our approach is based on the integration of the best engineering and design practices, combining experience in different disciplines, such as mechanics, Natural Gas processes, I&C, electricity, and civil, achieving a comprehensive and effective products and services.We use cutting-edge technologies such as 3D modeling, simulations and virtual prototyping, in order to visualize and optimize the design of your facilities before its implementation.

Benefits of Engineering and Industrial Design:

Operating efficiency: Our customized solutions optimize production processes, improving the operational efficiency of your facilities and reducing production times. This translates into an increase in productivity and a decrease in operating costs.

Quality and reliability: Our focus on industrial design guarantees the quality and reliability of your products and processes. We use robust design and quality control techniques to ensure your facility meets exacting standards.

Innovation and competitiveness: Our team of experts in engineering and industrial design provides you with innovative solutions that allow you to differentiate yourself in the market and maintain a competitive advantage. We are committed to the constant search for improvements and new opportunities for your business.


In Certysol we have worked on a wide range of industrial projects, from industrial buildings to large natural gas projects, and we have achieved success stories in various sectors. Our personalized approach and our technical experience have allowed us to design and provide all the necessary documentation for industrial installations in sectors such asmanufacture,natural gas processes, water treatment, energy  in general and many more.

Types of facilities to design 

Production plants: We develop solutions to provide all the necessary documentation for production processes, from process design to the implementation of automation and control systems.

Warehouses and logistics centers:We design efficient facilities that maximize product storage and distribution, using advanced inventory and logistics management technologies.

Manufacturing facilities:We develop customized solutions to improve efficiency and productivity in manufacturing facilities, whether in product assembly or component production.

In Certysol, our Engineering and Industrial Design service is designed to provide innovative and efficient solutions that optimize your production processes,improve quality and increase productivity in your future industrial facilities. Our customized approach, backed by technical expertise and engineering best practices, enables us to develop tailored solutions that are suit industrial needs.

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