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Energy Efficiency

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Applying energy efficiency for greater savings and reduction of emissions.

One of our main services is the application of energy efficiency methods intended for the use of homes, commercial establishments and industries.

In Certysol, we care about maximizing energy performance and reducing unnecessary consumption. Our Energy Efficiency service focuses on identify and implement custom strategies that optimize the use of energy in your facilities, whether residential, commercial or industrial. Our goal is to help you reducing costs, minimize the environmental impact and improve the sustainability in the long term.

What is the Energy Efficiency?
How do we make it?

Our experts team in Energy Efficiency carries out a detailed evaluation of your facilities, analyzing electricity consumption patterns, identifying improvement areas and proposing solutions tailored to your specific needs. We implement efficient measures and advanced technologies that optimize energy management, reducing losses and improving efficiency systems.

In addition, we provide ongoing advice to help you implement sustainable practices and educate your staff on the importance of energy efficiency. We also offer you monitoring and control tools that allow you to monitor and manage energy consumption in real time, keeping you informed in order to implement efficient decisions.

of Energy Efficiency

Cost savings: Energy Efficiency allows you to reduce energy costs by optimizing consumption and eliminating unnecessary waste. This translates into significant savings in the medium and long term, and greater profitability for your home, business or industry.

Reduction of environmental impact: By reducing energy consumption, you are contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and caring for the environment. Energy Efficiency is an effective way to participate in the fight against climate change and promote a more sustainable future.​

Improvement of comfort and well-being: By optimizing consumption systems, energy production, air conditioning, lighting and other equipment, we achieve a more comfortable and healthy environment for the occupants of your facilities. Energy Efficiency goes hand in hand with people's well-being and productivity.


In Certysol, we have carried out numerous success stories in the field of Energy Efficiency. We have worked with clients from different sectors, from homes to industrial complexes, implementing efficient solutions and obtaining tangible results.


Our personalized approach and technical expertise have enabled us to generating significant savings in energy consumption and improving the operational efficiency of our clients' facilities.

Implementation of energy efficiency types of installations

Residential: We optimize energy consumption in homes, implementing measures such as the use of efficient lighting, intelligent air conditioning systems, thermal insulation and intelligent management of electricity consumption.

Commercial:We work with companies and commercial establishments to improve energy efficiency. This includes optimization of lighting systems, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), refrigeration equipment and energy management systems.​

Public Buildings: We work in collaboration with government institutions and public organizations to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and public spaces, through the implementation of energy saving measures and centralized management systems.

Industrial: We help industries reduce their energy consumption through the implementation of advanced technologies, such as energy control and monitoring systems, improvements in the performance of electric motors and energy recovery systems.

Energy efficiency is another of our fundamental pillars. We work closely with our clients in order to identify areas for improvement and optimize energy consumption. Our energy efficiency experts develop customized strategies that reducing unnecessary consumption, improving the efficiency systems and significant medium and long term savings

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