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Leader in the field of renewable energy solutions

Find out how we can transform your projects!

In Certysol, we offer a wide range of specialized services covering renewable energy solutions, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, engineering industrial design and maintenance. Our goal is to provide our clients with the necessary tools and solutions to achieve efficiency, the sustainability and ultimately, the success of your projects. Next, we present our services in detail:


Get to know our specializations, we will be happy to help you find a sustainable solution to your demands!

Photovoltaic Installations

We design and implement photovoltaic solar systems that convert the sun's energy into clean, renewable electricity. Our experts in solar energy assess your energy needs and design custom systems for maximize Solar power generation at your location.

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EV Charger

We specialize in installation of charging points for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, providing safe and efficient charging solutions for residential use, vehicle fleets or public parking lots.


We help promote adoption of electric mobility and we contribute to the construction of an infrastructure of sustainable load.


We offer services of operation and maintenance for your renewable energy systems, including electrical and thermographic analysis in solar thermal panels, photovoltaic and energy storage systems.


Our team of experts monitors and perform the regular maintenance of your facilities to guarantee optimum performance and prolong its useful life.

Energy efficiency

Our energy efficiency services focus on identify energy saving opportunities and optimize consumption in your facilities.


We carry out energy audits, we implement efficiency measures in the electrical installation and thermal envelope, and we advise on smart energy management, resulting in a cost reduction and minimization of environmental impact.

Smart Climate Control

We implement intelligent climate control solutions in a variety of environments, from residential homes, commercial establishments or industrial facilities.


Our intelligent and automated control approach ensures a comfortable and personalized interior environment for its occupants, while optimizes energy consumption.


We use advanced control technologies, sensors and management systems, monitoring in real time and efficiently regulating the temperature,ventilation and air quality, thus ensuring an optimal environment and a superior energy efficiency.

Engineering and Industrial Design

Our team of engineers and industrial designers are in charge of designing various types of industrial projects and process plants.


We carry out basic and detailed engineering, as built, calculation of metallic structures, and concrete, stress and vibration analysis in pipes (gas pipelines, aqueducts and oil pipelines), design and calculation of pressure vessels (ASME VIII, Integraph PV Elite) and tanks. storage, among other types of projects, always under international standards.

In Certysol, we stand out for offering customized solutions, using cutting-edge technology and technical expertise to bring you exceptional results.


Our services not only help you save costs and reduce environmental impact, but also are positioned as a leader in sustainability for your home, business or industry by adopting sustainable and efficient practices.


Trust us like your strategic partner to achieve your renewable energy, efficiency and industrial design goals.

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